Discover Our Story

  The restaurant, a family business, was inaugurated in 1993. Today it is still run by the same owners who, with their long and precious experience in the field of genuine
and authentic Greek cuisine, have eventually made it famous. It is probably the only place on the island in which seafood, fresh fish and delicious marine amuse-gueules are available at any time. All the dishes in this restaurant are always prepared with fresh, carefully selected and genuine organic products from their own vegetable gardens. Now, if you add all this to the owners’ long experience as well as to the deep sense of responsibility that distinguishes them all, you will easily understand why those exquisite and rare flavours that you can enjoy when having a meal at their place are and will ever remain an unforgettable experience. It is also good not to forget that there is one more detail that may matter a lot to many of us : the restaurant offers a magnificent and unrestricted view on the sea with the well-known “Kalamaki cape” and the isles of “Small Tsougrias” and “Big Tsougrias” in the background..